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Bettina Wilpert  [ Germany ]

Bettina Wilpert, born in 1989 in Eggenfelden, was a finalist of the 23rd Open Mike, a grant recipient of the 20th Klagenfurt Literature Course, and Artist in Residence at PROSANOVA 2017. She has published in »Bella Triste«, »Metamorphosen«, »Outside the Box«, »P.S. Politisch Schreiben«, and »testcard«. Her début novel »nichts, was uns passiert« was awarded, among others, the 2018 ZDF »aspekte« literature prize and was adapted for the stage. She is a teacher of German as a foreign language in Leipzig.





nichts, was uns passiert


Berlin, 2018


FLEXEN: Flâneusen* schreiben Städte



Berlin, 2019


Doppelte Lebensführung

(Anthologie aus Sachsen)


Leipzig, 2020


Tage wie diese

(Anthologie aus Sachsen)


Berlin, 2020