© Hartwig Klappert

© Hartwig Klappert

Priya Basil  [ UK/Germany ]

Priya Basil was born in London in 1977, grew up in Kenya, and now lives in Berlin. She has published prose works, essays, and journalistic pieces. She co-founded »Authors for Peace«, initiated the appeal »Defending Democracy in the Digital Age« in 2013, and organized readings throughout Germany with displaced people living there as part of the 2016 coalition for action »We’re Doing It. For a Post-Migrant Society«.




Ishq and Mushq


London, 2007

Die Logik des Herzens

Schöffling & Co.

Frankfurt a. M., 2012

[Ü: Barbara Christ]

Erzählte Wirklichkeiten

Tübinger Poetikdozentur

[mit Chika Unigwe]


Künzelsau, 2015