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Ferdinand Lutz [Germany] 

Ferdinand Lutz, born in 1987, is a comic artist, scenarist, publisher and animator in Cologne. He studied economics and sociology in Konstanz and Paris. Since 2011, he has published his comics monthly in “Dein SPIEGEL”, and his series have been published as books by Reprodukt Verlag Berlin. He is co-editor of the children’s comic magazine “Polle”, performs with scenic readings and conducts workshops. In 2021 he founded the publishing house “Péridot”. His comics are published in German, English and French.




Q-R-T – der neue Nachbar


Berlin, 2015


Rosa und Louis – Geisterstunde


Berlin, 2017


Rosa und Louis – Geisterdetektive


Berlin, 2018


Q-R-T – nächste Stunde: Ausserirdisch!


Berlin, 2020